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PCs and Macs:
In modern browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari, the player works 'as is'. For Internet Explorer 8 and earlier, Adobe's Flash plug-in is required. Download it from here. IE9 should work, but HTML5 support is still not good, and all the above-mentioned browsers are better in this respect (and in most others)

Phones and Tablets: NB: 'Opera Mini' cannot play audio or video on any device. With that proviso...
Android: Browsers on phones are well-supported, though some on tablets (e.g. Sony), the built-in browser might fail, in which case try using Firefox
Apple: iPhones and iPads work smoothly
Blackberry: HTML5 is well-implemented, so should work well
Windows Phone: HTML5 is said to be poorly-implemented, so if Internet Explorer mobile fails, try another browser

Please contact me to let me know of any problems.